About Us

Crypto Pool Party

Crypto Pool Party is a Cardano Stake Pool Operator. We use a portion of our profits to fund the Powered By Crypto™ incubator fund. The fund is used to finance cryptocurrency and blockchain projects we would like to see successful.

Our goal is to not only provide support to the Cardano network by being a part of its infrastructure; we also wish to provide a superior delegator experience and contribute to the growth of the Cryptocurrency Community.

We accomplish these goals by running a secure, transparent, and resilient operation. Secure and professionally run stake pools are good for the Cardano network. Our team has multiple years of Information Security, Information Technology Management, and Systems Architecture experience. Our relay nodes are geographically dispersed, appropriately hardened, and we have fail-over redundancy for our primary block producer.

We will be striving to provide a superior delegator experience by building tools to assist in the management of assets, giveaways, promotions, and other online/IRL shenanigans. Oh, and we want to do all this while having fun! Life is a party after all.

Powered By Crypto

Powered By Crypto LLC is the company behind the Powered By Crypto™ brand. We are powered by cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to contribute to, participate in, and do business with the Cryptocurrency communinty. We do this through our Hello Crypto™ incubator fund.

We promise that all of our projects are commited to acting ethically, transacting securely,respecting privacy, and back their offerings with excellent customer service.